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Looking for loans in South Africa online? GET-LOANS will help you find a loan in South Africa, easily! We work with trusted, secure loan companies who will help you get quick loans online, for either small loans or large loans as well as blacklisted loans in South Africa. Many people need money and just can't find the funds easily, whether to get through a time when your finances are bad, to buy that something special, for education, a new car or maybe improve your home. Trying to apply for a loan can often be difficult and time consuming, with lots of frustration and paperwork involved. The internet has made it much easier for people looking for loans in South Africa, helping you get the money you want, when you need it, in much less time. At GET-LOANS we make it easy for you to compare loans online and securely apply with instant approval and no paperwork involved in many cases. If you need money and haven't applied to any of the companies below then keep reading and apply free for a loan online in just a few minutes, it really couldn't be simpler.
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Need a personal loan or a blacklisted loan? Try

loan online
Looking for a loan can be time consuming and difficult, so why not let someone else do all the hard work for you? offer a free loan sourcing service for loan amounts of up to R230,000. Simply complete a short application form online and the experienced loans consultants will do their best to get you a loan to meet your requirements. Anyone can apply even if you are blacklisted, have a bad credit record, garnishee orders or defaults and wherever possible they will do their best to help. Working with leading financial services providers they will negotiate a loan on your behalf and help you get the cash you need, when you need it. During business hours your loan can be pre-approved within 60 minutes and your money paid out soon afterwards. If approved you will get notification via SMS to let you know of your loan decision and then get access to your funds. Don't struggle with no money if you need a loan when you don't have to - visit

Get new phones and tablet PCs on contract even with bad credit from Cellspot...

blacklisted cellphone contract
Stuck using an old phone and can't get a contract due to credit problems or being blacklisted? Cellspot Cellular may be able to help you get a new cellphone or new tablet PC on contract from a major service provider no matter what your credit rating is. There are a wide range of options available and whether you are just looking for a budget phone to make calls or a more high-powered device with lots of features they should have something to meet your requirements. No documents are required to apply free online with Cellspot Cellular and your new phone or tablet PC will be delivered to you free if you are approved with no SIM or connection fee. Offers include airtime and/or data and you can choose your own package as well as device with easy online application. What are you waiting for, if you need a new phone and can't afford to buy one why not get a brand new phone on contract, no matter what your credit status, apply now - visit

In too much debt? Consider a debt consolidation loan...

debt consolidation loans
Are you in too much debt with different credit providers and the banks? A debt consolidation loan may be the answer and Click n Compare offer a free service to help you find and compare different options for debt consolidation loans in South Africa. A debt consolidation loan is not the same as debt review or administration, it is just one large loan amount to cover other outstanding debts. This can help you simplify and better manage your debts as well as reduce the costs associated with having many different, smaller debt amounts. Click n Compare offer a comprehensive and independent way for you to compare your options for many different services and you can also apply for payday loans, personal loans, home loans, credit cards, cell phones, insurance and much more. Application is simple and can be done online in just a few minutes so if you are looking for a way to improve your current credit situation and consolidate debts then why not see if you qualify for a debt consolidation loan today - visit

Blacklisted or bad credit and need a credit card? Try NETELLER...

credit card black listed
A credit card is almost an essential of everyday life, making it easier to shop online and more secure than carrying cash. Unfortunately if you have a bad credit record, don't earn enough or are blacklisted then you probably won't qualify for a credit card. NETELLER offers a prepaid MasterCard credit card in South Africa with no credit checks and free sign up. There are no application or monthly fees and anyone can apply online in just a few minutes. Once you have signed up, log into your account and request your card be mailed to you, it is that easy. A prepaid credit card offers all the convenience of a credit card and features a CVV/CSC number, MasterCard logo and secure Chip and PIN technology, with the only difference being you cannot get into debt. If you need a credit card with many features, linked to an online account that makes it easy to send and receive money online in South Africa and around the world then it is an excellent option. Note that the card is not offered in ZAR (South African Rand) as a base currency so please select the most applicable alternative when you sign up - visit

Spending too much time looking for a loan? Let Loans Unlimited help...

loans for bad credit
Many people do not have the time to be able to spend comparing loan options to find the best loan to meet their requirements. Loans Unlimited is here to help and partners with nine leading lending companies to help you find the largest loan amount with the best repayment terms. The loan sourcing service is completely free and with a single online application the experienced loan agents will match you with the best loan company for loans of up to R150,000. Having worked in the loans industry in South Africa for many years Loans Unlimited have the experience to help make getting a loan easy. Applications will also be accepted if you are blacklisted or have a bad credit rating and repayment terms are from 12 to 72 months. Don't spend all day trying to find a loan and getting declined or settle for less than you need, why not see if you qualify - visit

Have a business and need extra cash flow? Rand Trust could help you ...

business cash flow loans
Being in business can be tough and not having cash flow when you need it can make things even more difficult. Rand Trust is here to help and offer you cash advances against invoices for services or goods that have been delivered and not paid. If you are not a cash on delivery (COD) business your debtors will often not pay immediately, making cash flow a concern. If your business is approved as a Rand Trust partner you can get instant cash for up to 75% of invoice(s) value with no credit limits or red tape. Having access to cash when you need it will help you expand your business, improve your service and ensure you can pay salaries and outstanding debt on time. Why not convert your debtors' book into ongoing cash flow with no banks involved and grow your business, request a free consultation with a Business Advisor and see how easy it is to access cash when you need it - visit Rand Trust

Interested in knowing your credit rating? Get a free credit report...

free credit reports online
Many people end up in debt or have trouble getting loans or other finance as a result of credit problems in the past. Knowing what your credit rating is and how potential creditors see you credit status when they get a credit report can help you better manage your debt and look for ways to improve your credit score. Improving your credit rating will make looking for loans, opening accounts and applying for vehicle finance much easier. Credit Report SA will help you get your free credit report every 30 days using a sponsorship model, with no catches. Don't carry on without knowing what your credit status is when you could qualify for free credit reports on a monthly basis. Get a better understanding of your debts, any judgements or listings you may have, find out how to improve your rating and more, simply enter a few details and get your credit report today - visit

Need money today? Try Get Bucks SA for a small, fast loan online...

Get Bucks South Africa
Run out of money and still a while till your next pay day? GetBucks offers a short-term, small cash loans service in South Africa and will help you get cash quick when you need it. Forget struggling with no money till you next get paid, payday loans are small, fast loans that help you with extra money when you need it. At GetBucks you can apply for loans from R500 to R4,000 initially, which can increase to R8,000 should you use the service regularly. GetBucks is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and as such you are guaranteed responsible lending. Application is simple and you will get an instant online decision as to your loan and the money will be transferred in a short time. Even if you have a bad credit record then you can apply and your application will be considered, so what are you waiting for? If you are in need of some 'extra bucks' to get you through till the end of the month then it is an excellent option, apply now - visit

Have bad credit and want to buy a car? Apply at Get Vehicle Finance...

blacklisted car finance
Unfortunately if you have a bad credit rating or are blacklisted you will probably be declined when you apply for any kind of loan or other finance at the bank. This makes buying assets like a vehicle very difficult and Get Vehicle Finance is here to help. Working with a number of independent finance companies they will do their best to enable you to buy a new or used car. All finance companies are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and comply to National Credit Act (NCA) regulations meaning you are guaranteed responsible lending. Struggling without a vehicle can be difficult and buying a car cash can be too expensive for most people to do. If you do have credit problems and need to buy a car then Get Vehicle Finance offers an excellent and completely free service for helping to source you vehicle finance from a reputable lender. Don't go another day without a car, walking or using public transport, why not see if you qualify - visit

Secured loans with no credit checks or payslips required from Lamna...

pawn online south africa
If you are not able to find a loan from other sources due to your credit rating then a secured loan from Lamna could be an option. A secured loan is a loan against a fully paid up asset, similar to pawning an item, and you simply enter a few short details on the website and a consultant will be in contact to make you an offer. You will then need to take your valuables into a Lamna office where they will be assessed and if approved your loan will be paid out to. Loans can be applied for against cars, luxury watches, jewellery, gold, diamonds, art, antiques or anything else you own of value. Your goods will be kept in secure storage for the duration of the loan term and will be returned to you once the loan amount plus interest has been repaid in full. No credit checks are done, no payslips are required and there are no legal implications if do not repay your loan as the asset will simply be sold to repay your outstanding debt. If you are struggling to get a loan and do have any assets of value then it is a secure and efficient option to consider, apply now - visit

Get property bridging finance and RAF settlement advances from DAEL Finance...

rsa bridging finance loans
Are you looking for a simple and secure solution for bridging finance loans in South Africa? DAEL Bridging Finance is here to help you get cash advance loans with a number of bridging finance products giving you access to money when you need it. If you have recently sold a home you can apply for an advance to pay for any outstanding rates and taxes still owing on your property as well as discounting of seller's proceeds which gives you access to as much as 75% of Net equity available to you on registration. If you are switching bonds or are applying for a new bond you can apply for an advance on the proceeds of your bond and if you are a registered estate agent you can apply for an advance payment on your commission. If you have made a successful claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) you can also apply for an advance payout of your settlement amount. With no hidden costs, competitive rates and available around the country the experienced consultants will do their best to help, don't go another day without cash, apply now - visit
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