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Looking for loans in South Africa online? GET-LOANS will help you find a loan in South Africa, easily! We work with trusted, secure loan companies who will help you get quick loans online, for either small payday loans or large cash loans as well as blacklisted loans in South Africa. Many people need money and just can't find the funds easily, whether to get through a time when your finances are bad, to buy that something special, for education, a new car or maybe improve your home. Trying to apply for a loan can often be difficult and time consuming, with lots of frustration and paperwork involved. The internet has made it much easier for people looking for loans in South Africa, helping you get the money you want, when you need it, in much less time. At GET-LOANS we make it easy for you to compare loans online and securely apply with instant approval and no paperwork involved in many cases. If you need money and haven't applied to any of the companies below then keep reading and apply for a loan online in just a few minutes, it really couldn't be simpler.
It's free to apply with no obligation though fees may be applicable for extra services such as credit reports, legal protection and debt management from some companies.

Need a personal loan or a bad credit loan? Apply FREE at Credit Shop...

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Looking for a loan can be time consuming and difficult, so why not let someone else do all the hard work for you? Credit Shop offer a free loan sourcing service for loan amounts of up to R150,000. Simply complete a short application form online and the experienced loans consultants will do their best to get you a loan to meet your requirements. Anyone can apply even if you are blacklisted, have a bad credit record, garnishee orders or defaults and wherever possible they will do their best to help. Working with leading financial services providers they will negotiate a loan on your behalf and help you get the cash you need, when you need it. During business hours your loan can be approved within 24 hours and your money paid out soon afterwards. Don't struggle with no money if you need a loan when you don't have to, why not see if you qualify, apply free online now - visit
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Need to receive international payments in South Africa? Try Payoneer...

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Do you work in a business where you get paid in other currencies from companies in other countries? Living in South Africa can often make it difficult for you to get easy access to your funds and Payoneer is here to help offering an online account which can be linked to a prepaid card that allows you to easily receive payments from companies in the USA, Europe and around the world. Once you have created a free account with Payoneer you can link your local bank account in South Africa and make transfers directly into your account or if you prefer you can request a prepaid MasterCard with no credit checks to use to spend your money in store or draw cash at the ATM. Don't struggle any longer, if you get paid from companies like AirBnB or Amazon or need to draw funds from PayPal then they may be able to help, why not get more information or sign up now - visit

Can't get a loan or are unemployed? Try a secured loan from Borrow Online...

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Sometimes your credit may be so poor that you are just not able to get a loan, or perhaps you are unemployed and are not able to get approved. Borrow Online is here to help and makes it easy for anyone in South Africa to apply online for a number of secured loan options, using assets you own as collateral, bridging finance if you have sold property, either as the owner or agent, as well as cash advances against successful Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims. Application can be completed online in a few minutes and during business hours a consultant will contact you to make a loan offer. You will then need to visit the offices to complete the loan procedure and be paid, with no credit checks or banks involved. Borrow Online offer loans against property, vehicles, art, jewellery, watches and other assets of value as well as bridging finance and cash advance loans. If you have not been able to get a loan from other sources and are in need of funds then a secured loan or cash advance loan may be the option, why not apply today - visit

Bad credit and need a phone or tablet? Apply at ezPHONES...

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Need a phone, laptop or tablet PC, can't afford to buy one new and can't get a contract due to your credit status? may be able to help you and offer a simple online application for new mobile device contracts even if you are blacklisted or have poor credit. If you have been previously declined when you applied yourself they may still be able to help. Working with only registered finance companies in South Africa wherever possible the consultants will do their best to help you get a phone if you need one. The range of phones, tablets and laptops does vary and the best way to determine what you qualify for is to apply. If your application is approved the consultant will give you options as what phone(s) or other devices you qualify for. With affordable monthly repayments and quality devices from the leading cellular services providers in the country there is a lot to offer. Why not see if they can help you, apply free in a few minutes online - visit

Need a fast loan in just a few minutes? Try Boodle...

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Is waiting a day or a two a bit long and you need cash today? Boodle is here to help anyone in South Africa looking for a loan get cash paid into your account within only 10 minutes if your loan is approved. It really couldn't be easier and all you need to do is apply online with a valid RSA ID number, active bank account and mobile phone number. The process is automated meaning you can get your loan paid to you in just a few minutes without unnecessary paperwork if you bank with a major bank. Once you have registered and repaid your first loan it is even easier and quicker to apply for another loan and the loan amount you qualify for can increase over time. Loan amounts offered are from R100 to R3,000 for new users which can increase to as much as R8,000 if you continue to use the service andf make repayments on time. Applications will be considered if you do not have a perfect credit record and if possible they will do their best to help, why not apply now - visit

Sell you car in just a few minutes online at CarZar...

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Thought about selling your car and haven't had the time to go into a dealer and trade it in or put up an advertisement? CarZar is here to help make it easy for anyone in South Africa to sell their car online in under 30 minutes. As long as your vehicle is running and registered in RSA it could be considered for an offer whether still financed or fully paid. The service is completely free and automated and you can get an estimation of the price that they will pay for your vehicle in a few minutes online. If you would like to proceed with the sale then the vehicle will need to undergo a physical inspection and if your vehicle is fully paid you will be paid the same day. There is no obligation to sell your vehicle and if you would like to just to get an indication of the value of your vehicle the service can also be useful. If you have been thinking about selling your car, want to know the value of your car or want to compare offers from other companies then why not complete the short form - visit

Need to buy a few things for your home? Get a Game Store Card...

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Sometimes you may not want to get a loan though may still not have enough money to buy what you want for your home. A Game Store Card may be an option for you and allows you to shop on credit at Game in South Africa. There are many benefits to applying and if you are approved for a card you will get cash vouchers as well as flexible repayment terms, reduced delivery fees and extended warranties. The card and accounts offers credit of up to R50,000 with free secondary cards as well as Consumer Protection Insurance and card holders will also get access to exclusive deals and offers from Game. To apply you will need to be employed, over the age of 18 with a valid RSA Identity Number. If you don't want a loan from the bank or want to shop on credit with many extra benefits then the card is an excellent choice, why not sign up or get more information now - visit

Have bad credit and want to buy a car? Apply at Get Vehicle Finance...

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Unfortunately if you have a bad credit rating or are blacklisted you will probably be declined when you apply for any kind of loan or other finance at the bank. This makes buying assets like a vehicle very difficult and Get Vehicle Finance is here to help. Working with a number of independent finance companies they will do their best to enable you to buy a new or used car. All finance companies are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and comply to National Credit Act (NCA) regulations meaning you are guaranteed responsible lending. Struggling without a vehicle can be difficult and buying a car cash can be too expensive for most people to do. If you do have credit problems and need to buy a car then Get Vehicle Finance offers an excellent service for helping to source you vehicle finance from a reputable lender. Don't go another day without a car, walking or using public transport when you may be able to get a loan, apply now - visit

Need cash? Convert a retirement annuity, pension or life policy...

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Do you need cash and have a retirement annuity, pension or life policy in South Africa? It may be possible to convert your policy to cash and Cashkows is here to help. If you are an 'expat' and living in another country though still have policies in South Africa then it may be possible to transfer the proceeds from your retirement annuity or other policy into cash wherever you are currently living. Whatever your situation or reason for wanting to transfer funds from South Africa the experienced consultants at Cashkows will do their best to make sure that you get your money legally and compliant with tax laws. If you are a South African living in another country and still have money in RSA then they may have the solution for you to get access to your funds if you need them. Why not get some expert financial advice and better manage your money, find out more today - visit

Blacklisted? Get a loan of up to R100,000 from TA Consulting...

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Unfortunately many people end up with credit problems or are blacklisted and are not able to get any kind of credit at all. Banks will generally not help you with a loan if you need one and you may really need cash. TA Consulting offer loans for anyone that is working with an RSA ID number over the age of 18 years, even if you are blacklisted. Simply visit the website and complete the short application form and during business hours a consultant will be in contact to help you with an unsecured cash loan of up to R100,000 if possible. Working only with registered credit providers in South Africa you are guaranteed efficient service as well as responsible lending practices. If you are short of cash and cannot get a loan due to your credit status why not apply free online now and see if they are able to help you - visit

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