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Sold Property And Need Access To Cash? Try Bridging Finance...

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Selling your home or other property can be an exciting and stressful time and you may not realise that once your home is sold you do not have immediate access to the money from the sale. This can make things more complicated and it can sometimes take as long as three months after your property is sold for you to have access to the money from your sale. Borrow Online is here to help and offers bridging finance solutions to help you have access to your funds immediately. Whatever your reason for needing early access to your cash the consultants will do their best to help and you can use the money to pay any outstanding rates or taxes there may be on the property and even apply if you are an agent needing your commission early. If you have sold your property or are an agent and need access to your money sooner than it possible through the regular process why not apply for a bridging finance loan or get more information today - visit now

Borrow Online makes it easy for anyone, either as a seller looking for early access to the funds from the sale, or agents wanting access to their commission to get their cash when they need it. Bridging finance is a legal and simple way to get your money when you need it and start getting on with your life as you would like to. Simply complete a short application form on the website, giving as much information as possible and a consultant will be in contact to discuss your options. Borrow Online will contact the lawyer attending to your sale and do all the related paperwork to help you get your cash when you need it. Please note that if you are an agent looking for commission discounting you will need to have a valid FFC to qualify for an advance. Offering quick approvals and experience in the finance industry why not apply today for bridging finance against the sale of a property - visit now
Why apply at Borrow Online...
 Apply Free and a Consultant Will Contact You
 Finance Approved Within 24 to 48 Hours
 Discounting of Sellers Proceeds
 Advance on Transfer Duty and Rates
 Discounting of Agent's Commission
 Offices in Major Centres Around the Country
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Cash loans up to R150,000 from SA Personal Loans...

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Do you need a cash loan and have been declined when you applied at the bank or lending company? If you are in need of a personal loan and do not have perfect credit then SA Personal Loans may be able to help and offer loan amounts of up to R150,000. Simply complete the short online application form and based on your details and financial status your application will be submitted to a loan company. Working with a number of loan providers in RSA, all registered with the National Credit Regulator you are guaranteed responsible lending and easy to understand fees. With flexible repayment terms, easy online application, fast payout and no application fees it is an excellent option for a personal loan in South Africa. Don't go without cash if you need a loan when they may be able to help, why not apply today - visit now

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