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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions before you apply for a loan or any other finance listed on the website? Below are answers to some common questions you may have. Remember that we do not offer any of the loans or finance on the website ourselves, we just advertise. Therefore if you have a specific question related to a loan or other finance you have applied for, or want to apply for, please contact that company directly. Should you want to find out more about loans and credit in South Africa then visit the National Credit Regulator website. If you need any other assistance then you can contact us.

Can I send my documents to you?
We are not a loan provider, we just advertise therefore we cannot process any loan or finance applications. The best way to apply for a loan is not to send any documents until they are requested. First browse this website using the menu, consider the options that meet your requirements and select one or two companies that may best be able to assist you. Apply securely online and in most cases you will get a decision within 24 hours during business hours.

Are my details safe if I apply online?
We only work with registered loans and finance companies and as such your details should be in safe hands. When applying or entering any important information online always remember to look for https:// as this means the information is being sent over a secure connection. Also, always be sure to read all information carefully and make sure you have not selected options or services which you are interested in. If you do have any concerns as to the company you are applying with try and contact them before you apply and ask them any questions you may have.

What is difference between a payday and personal loan?
A payday or same day loan is generally a short term loan that is paid out the day you apply and has reduced payment terms. This means that the loan amount is repaid in full within 30 days to 3 months depending on which company is providing the loan. This may mean higher interest rates and charges however does make it easier for you to access a cash loan quickly. Pay day loans can often be applied for and paid out online with no need for paperwork. In most cases, if approved, the money can be paid the same day that you apply. A personal loan is usually a larger loan amount over a longer term, requires more paperwork and takes longer for approval.

What is a secured loan or collateral/asset based loan?
A secured loan is a loan against something you own meaning that you are granted a loan based on the value of the asset that you are loaning against. For example if you have a car or motorbike that is fully paid you can use it as collateral (security) for the loan. Generally your asset will be stored in a secure facility for the duration of the loan term until repaid in full when it will be returned to you. There are no credit checks or proof of employment required to apply for a secure loan and there are no implications if you do not repay your loan as the asset will be sold to recover costs.

What is a bridging loan or a claim advance loan?
If you are waiting to paid after selling a property as the owner or agent or have made a successful claim with the Road Accident Fund then you can apply for a bridging/advance loan. This means that money will be loaned to you on the basis that you will be paid in the future. Therefore, instead of having to wait a few months for money, you will have access to cash if you need it.

What is debt review/debt counselling?
Debt review is a legal process that is designed to help you clear your outstanding debt. It also protects you from losing your assets, reduces your monthly payments and prevents any legal action being taken against you. If you are no longer able to manage your debt effectively and risk losing your house or car then it may be an option to consider.

What is a virtual credit card?
A virtual credit card or virtual MasterCard allows you to shop or pay at websites that accept credit card payments without actually having a credit card. When you get a virtual MasterCard you will be supplied with a valid credit card number allowing you pay online simply and securely. A virtual card is generally used online as it cannot be used in a card machine though it can be used with SnapScan if available.
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Looking for loans in South Africa online? We will do our best to help you find a loan in South Africa, easily! Many people need money and just can't find the funds easily, whether to get through a time when your finances are bad, to buy that something special, for education, a new car or maybe improve your home. Trying to apply for a loan can often be difficult and time consuming, with lots of frustration and paperwork involved. The internet has made it much easier for people looking for loans so why not find the right solution and apply online now. Please note that if you are in serious financial trouble then applying for more credit may not be the answer and applying for debt relief may be an option to consider, visit UApply for more information.
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