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Do you often get paid by companies or people in other countries in different currencies? If so then if you haven't considered making use of Payoneer maybe you should. Offering a unique solution anyone can sign up and then you can link various international bank account numbers that will be provided to you. This means that next time you get paid you can get paid in that currency directly into your Payoneer account. You can link your bank account in South Africa and transfer the funds to use locally alternatively you can request a prepaid MasterCard and draw the cash at the ATM or spend it online or in-store. The service makes it easy to draw money from other popular online services such as Paypal, Amazon, Google, Fiverr and many more. As you will be able to use your new international bank account for direct payments you no longer have to wait for international bank transfers to be done. Bank accounts are offered in a number of currencies including EUR, USD, CAD, AUD, JPY and more. Note that whilst it is free to sign up there are fees applicable per transaction If you have been looking for an easier way to get paid online from around the world then why not get more information or sign up visit

Note that there are fees for using the service so read all applicable information
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